The Softest, Prettiest Polish // Essie Romper Room

9 April 2014

Nail Polish Fiji

OPI's Mod About You has long been one of my favourite nail polishes. I love the pale pink with just a hint of lilac tone to it, and mostly I love how opaque it is. But, as pretty as it is, I've a lot of moments where I found myself wishing it was just a touch more neutral. I wanted a colour that was the palest of pinks, almost white but completely opaque. OPI's Privacy Please, Bubble Bath and Sweetheart were on the right track colour-wise but even with four coats didn't give me that opacity I was after. I kept my eyes on the nail counters, always looking for the right one but the story was always the same; the colour was right but it just went on too sheer.

Finally, in steps Romper Room, one of Essie's 2014 Spring offerings. It's The One! It's exactly what I wanted. A fully opaque polish with just a whisper of pink. SO pretty! I'll admit, the formula is not as good as I'd like, it can streak a little on your second coat if you use too many strokes but I'm willing to overlook that because I'm in love.

Swatch Nail Polish

For those who are wondering, here's a little comparison between OPI Mod About You and Essie Romper Room. From the pictures you can clearly notice the stronger lilac tones to Mod About You. For the slightly less obsessive nail folk the difference may not look too great but trust me, it is. Romper Room is  an all important couple of shades softer and therefore just a tad more versatile.

Comparison Dupe Swatch
Nail Polish Swatch Pale Pink Best

I may have also bought a few of the other polishes from the Essie Spring collection. So stay tuned for a post about those soon :)

Do you have either of these two polishes, which is your favourite?

Are there any other pale polishes that you think I should try?

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Dessert at Dolce

3 April 2014

A couple of days ago I met up with my girlfriends for coffee (which inadvertently turned into brunch) at Dolce in Plaza Indonesia

Dolce caught my eye a few months back with it's unique interior. Inviting grey sofas and contemporary rattan arm chairs encircle white marble tables that are dotted about between plants and winding stone pathways. There's floor to ceiling windows looking out onto a small terrace with lots of greenery. Combine the elements and the restaurant creates the feeling you're dining outdoors, but with all the air-conditioned bliss of being indoors. This is something that anyone living in the smog and heat of Jakarta will really appreciate. 

We intended to only have coffee (ok, and maybe desserts, I confess!) but once we saw the menu our tummy's had other plans. The food was on the whole pretty good. My bruchetta was delicious and more than ample for a light lunch; and two of the other girls enjoyed their meals, a pizza and Salmon salad. Sadly my other friend was left feeling a little disappointed by her choice;  a cold cuts and soft-cheese platter. It was served without the accompaniments mentioned on the menu and she thought the cheese tasted a little stale. They promptly replaced that part but for the fairly high Indonesian price tag of 185k it should have been much better than it was; if you go dine here you're probably better choosing something else. 

One really great thing about this restaurant, (and many others in jakarta), are the social media promotions they run. We saw a sign saying that we could have complimentary dessert if we posted a selfie taken there and mentioned the restaurant. Was there ever a better excuse to take a selfie than free dessert?! 

dolce plaza indonesia le jardin
restaurant blog jakarta indonesia

That was my second chocolate fondant this week! Naughty, but so nice! 

Although we're actually in a permanent state of summer here I thought I'd try and dress for Spring. Since I haven't been shopping recently (my mum's coming to visit in a few days, so I'm saving up to have fun & shop with her) I dug around in my closet for an outfit. The turquoise blouse is an old favourite; it's really just a standard H&M loose blouse but the colour makes it for me. The white lace skirt is one of my favourite all-time Zara buys. The necklace is a new favourite, the crystal flower design is so pretty and the perfect way for me to add that sparkle I love so much to just about any outfit! 

Has Spring sprung where you are? What kind of outfits are you wearing?  

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Wanderlust // The Top Five

31 March 2014

Do you have a travel wishlist that's getting longer by the day? Do you want to hop on a plane to see some new scenery, take in a new cultures, try new food?! Yes? Well, you've probably got a case of 'Wanderlust' then. It's okay, I've got it too, and Pinterest really isn't helping things.

I've always loved travelling. Whilst I was growing up we travelled a lot; my dad, who had always loved travelling, would tell stories about the places he'd been before. He told us exciting tales about the friends he'd made and things he'd done. He vividly recounted the lake at Vancouver, an earthquake in Japan, numerous peaks and valleys he'd flown over, and the incredible beaches of southern California. I guess it was listening to all these little tales that instilled the desire to travel in me too. 

As you probably know, I currently live in Jakarta, before here I lived in South Korea for four and a half years. One of the best things about living in Asia is how easy it's been to tick off a lot of places on this side of the globe that were on my bucket list. The problem is though, as time goes on, especially with all the amazing photos you see online, my list is actually getting longer not shorter! I realised recently that I needed to settle on some true 'bucket-list' destinations and make plans towards going on those trips. So, after much thought, here's my top five travel wish list...

Roadtrip the coast of California. See the ginormous redwood forests towering above me. Take a wine tour, or two. Look at a little art and culture in San Fran. Eat sushi and do some celebrity spotting in L.A. Go see if I can make a find in the Rose Bowl flea market. Big Sur. Stay in motels and cute boutique hotels that remind you of movie scenes. Stop off at diners. Lay on the beaches of Southern California.

Feel the chill in Alaska. Explore the wilderness and appreciate the vastness and isolation. Go whale watching and suck up the fresh, cold sea air. See the glaciers breaking off slowly and crashing into the ocean below. Try to spot a bear. Watch the skies light up with the incredible Aurora Borealis. Warm up by a cosy log fire.

Spend Christmas in New York. Get wrapped up in the festive season. Skate beneath the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Shop for gifts on 5th. Wander around (hopefully snowy) Central Park and go for hot cocoa to warm up after. Watch the Radio City Christmas show. All a cliche of the most joyful holiday kind!

Marvel at natural beauty in New Zealand. Drive through the vast open countryside and see the awe-inspiring scenery. Take a walk down 90-mile beach and lookout for passing whales. See the majestic, natural and unspoilt beauty of Milford Sound. Go hiking across the volcanic landscapes in Tongariro National Park.

Go on safari in Kenya. See the big five in their natural habitat. Watch the sunrise over the Savannah. Sit round a campfire at night. Sleep in a gorgeous luxury camp under the stars and pretend I'm a gamekeeper for a week. Amazing!

So, what do you think, and are any of them on your bucket list? I think my choices encompass a little bit of everything. They're each a bit different from one another and I'm sure if/when I get to tick them off the list they'll be such fantastic experiences and leave memories to last a lifetime. I guess now I've narrowed things down, the next step is to get saving!

Leave me a comment and let me know what your travel top five is, I'd love to hear where everyone wants to go! 

Lunching at TWG, Jakarta (Again)

29 March 2014

Plaza Senayan Blogger Blog
Afternoon Tea Jakarta
Polish swatch review
Best Deserts Restaurant

I just can't keep away! Maybe it's the British-ness of it...maybe it's the amazing selection of teas from a menu so long that it takes 30 minutes to read....or maybe it's the desserts - let's face it, it's probably the desserts! Either way, I returned to TWG this week for about the 10th time in less than that many weeks. I'm branching out on my tea choices now; this time I had an iced 'Pink Flamingo' Tea, mainly because I knew it was pink, and how fun is that! I had a delicious tea infused mushroom gratin and followed it up with an amazing chocolate fondant. The warm chocolatey gooeyness; whenever it's on the menu I struggle to pass it up, don't you? 

Anyway, the staff in there are definitely starting to recognize me as a regular, actually I think it's only a matter of time until we're on first name terms. Oh dear. But, it's just so good! If you're ever near a TWG, you have to give it a try!

I plan to try and keep away this weekend. What are you up to?

3 Simple But Thoughtful Ideas For Mother's Day

27 March 2014

Friendly reminder ladies; it's Mother's Day this Sunday. You hadn't forgotten had you, because you love your mum. However, there's a good chance you haven't quite got around to sorting something out yet, these special days have a funny way of coming around really fast! You could nip to the shop and grab the standard scented candle, bath set or bouquet of flowers but if you'd like to do something that's a little more heartfelt but simple enough to organise in time, here are a few ideas:

Home Cooked Lunch
Of course, you could easily book into one of the many restaurants offering Mother's day lunch, but if you'd like to do something personal that shows you really made the effort, invite her over for a lovingly prepared lunch. All it takes is a little Pinterest search and a quick trip to the shops, then you can whip up a meal that's as scrumptious looking as it is delicious. Putting in the time to cook something you know she'll love shows her you really care. To make it feel extra-special be sure to create a gorgeous table setting, complete it with a pot of her favourite flowers which she can take home after. There's a beauitful article on Urbanara which shows you exactly how-to create a gorgeous Spring table setting for Mother's Day.